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See_._Saw : Interactive Seesaw Game

Posted in Physical Computing

Team Members

Lin Zhang and Mengzhen Xiao


See_._Saw is an interactive game brings people a collaborative experience in two familiar childhood games: seesaw and brick breaker. The paddle in the brick breaker game moves based on the tilting direction of the seesaw. When it tilts down in one direction, the paddle will move along with the seesaw to that direction. The goal of combining the two games is to allow adults re-visit the fun experience of playing seesaw with a clear objective. Although games often are competitive, this is a game only can be play if both of the players are collaborative and moving together.

Design Process



User Flow

user flow

Play Testing

Before we build a full scale seesaw, we tested the project concept by conducting a play testing session of 30 users. My partner and I recorded and collected the user experience and feedback. The initial prototype utilizes items we had in the shop and used them as a representation of our project components and features. For example, the seesaw was represented by a broken workout bench and a small ladder. The LED lights on the sides of the bench are supposed to be LED strips.



Based on the feedback, we removed the lighting feature and came up with strategies to start the game.


Why build a seesaw? Can’t we buy one?

The intended audience is adults. We searched for seesaw for adults with no results on the major online retailers: Amazon, Aliexpress, and Google shopping. The ones we can find are designed for kids from age 4 to 8. To ensure a safe and fun experience, we built a seesaw that is measured and designed according to the body size of adults.

Bill of material


Items with grey background are materials we planned but did not use. The ones with yellow background are those we did not plan but used in our project.

Seesaw Design

seesaw design

Fabrication Process



Physical Computing

Circuit Diagram


We used the following sensors :

Sensors testing

pressure sensor

BNO sensor

Serial Communicaton

Brick Breaker - Game Component

Under the time constraint, we decided to build on an existing game. Our code is based on this brick breaker github repo. We polished the game interface and add needed features to integrate it into our project.

Interface Design

game interface

Game Features

From the the play testing feedback, we added features for a more enjoyable experience:

  • Serial Events - get data from pressure sensor and orientation sensor
  • Countdown timer
  • Game reset - redirect back to splash screen once a game ends
  • Interface update - color, font, layout
  • Splash screen

User Testing



Final Product

seesaw final

seesaw final

User Testing - Part Two

Lin likes the Internet so she became a developer. Thanks for taking a look at her portfolio.

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