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There is a story I learned as a first grader in china. It is a very famous story, its title has become an idiom - “塞翁失马,焉知非福”. The closest translation in meaning is a blessing in disguise or every cloud has a silver lining. I want to use its structure for my random story generator.

The basic translation of this story is the following:

Long times ago there is an old man named Sai Weng lives near by the great wall. One day, he loses a great horse. His neighbors and relatives hear the news and come over to comfort him. However, He is not anxious about it. He laughs and says: “The horse is lost. How does anyone know if this is a not good thing?” After a few months pass, Sai Weng’s horse returns to his home. Also brings another great horse back with it. This news surprised everyone in the village, and everyone congratulates him. But Sai Weng is not so happy about it. He says to everyone: “There is nothing to celebrate. Who can say this is not a possible disaster?” After a few days, Sai Weng’s only son wants to ride the wild horse. The wild horse refuses and kicks his son off of him. The son falls and breaks his leg. Everyone hears the news, and comes over to comfort him. Sai Weng is not sad about the event, he says: “Maybe this is a good thing.” During his son’s recovery, a war breaks out at the border. Young men of the village are drafted into the army. Most of them die on the frontline, but Sai Weng’s son is alive, because his broken leg.

Here is the link to my sketch

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