3D Model Resizing and Rigging

I followed the instruction videos and everything went as expected. The resizing in Maya is very straightforward. Using Wrap3 was new to me, I was unsure how well the morph processing would go. Because my body type was very different from the base model. So I put around 36 points for the morph stage. In the end, the base model morphed well with my model.

Here is the screen recoding of animating my model using Xiaomi:

I picked some interesting movements for animation:



Questions about reading:

  1. Are we going to outsource our lives to a digital avatar in the future? Everyone will have a lil’miquela for their digital presence?

  2. After reading “How Video Game Breasts Are Made (And Why They Can Go Wrong)”, I feel sad for men who want to indulge into this fantasy world rather than learn to interact with real women in life. So much of time and effort are put into making unrealistic breasts to move in a way they find attractive, this is so surreal, I can not believe while I was reading it. And the progress of making it - using porn as reference?! Even the reference is not realistic. This is all fantasy and further remove the players into a hyperreality.

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