Chrome Extension

22 April 2018

Final Project Proposal: Gratitude forest I am combining Nature of code’s final with hacking the browser’s. Here is a blog entry on the project proposal. Reverse Engineer - Gratitude Flow As a part of my final project, I want to encourage chrome user to practice gratitude journaling. I searched the...

Gratitude forest

15 April 2018

Project Proposal: Gratitude Forest The goal of this project is to create a virtual space where one can practice gratitude and build a positive mindset. It is based on the practice and research of gratitude journaling. Using the metaphor of a grateful thought as a seed that will grow into...

Teachable Machine - Emoji

09 April 2018

For this week’s machine learning experiment, I looked into TensorFlow.js. One of the examples listed on its websites was Google Creative Lab’s Teachable Machine. I enjoy using the project a lot, because it is very interactive: you can teach a set of behavior and use it for creative output. In...

Genetic Algorithms

02 April 2018

Edit view Project code can be found on github

Flow Field Steering

04 March 2018

For midterm, I wanted to make flow field steering behavior. Also I want to see if I can generate interesting image with it. I learned how to generate and draw a vector field from this video. After that, I want to time as a 3rd variable for getting Perlin noise,...


15 February 2018

For this week’s homework. I refactored my week 2 assignment attractor using inheritance. During the process, I found myself unsure about how to structure the relationship between classes through inheritance. For example, it makes sense to extend Attractor class from Particle class, as attractors are particles that can exert force....

Chequered Waves - Bees & Bombs

11 February 2018

I decided to create one of Bees & Bombs’s gifs for week 3. I selected this gif: Chequered Waves For the Chequered Waves, I followed one of Dan’s coding challenge videos as a starting point. The behaviors of the two are very similar. This is what I have after following...


05 February 2018

For week two, I want to explore attractor force and see what kind of pattern I can generate with it. After following the lecture on attractor on Kadenze, I have a basic sketch of attractor and particle simulation. Since I have attractor and particle class, I experimented with adding more...

Random Walker

30 January 2018

To expand on random walker, I experimented with levy flight, perlin noise and probabilities. I thought it would be interesting to add a way to generate more walkers. So when the walker is choosing to move in a direction, a new walker will is added that is moving in the...