Seesaw Final

13 December 2017

Seesaw design 3D Prototype CNC Seats Mount Bracket Arduino MK 1000 and Sensor Final seesaw

Seesaw Design Progress - Part II

29 November 2017

Seesaw Fabrication Progress CNC For cutting out the seats, I used CNC. The seemingly easy task took me multiples tryings to get it work. Fabrication

Seesaw Design Progress

16 November 2017

During this week, we decided on the overall design of the seesaw and broke down the components we need to for fabricating the actual seesaw. Seesaw design 3D Prototype Components Bill of Components

Final Project Idea

31 October 2017

For the final project, I want to make something that is fun. Also, I want to make the interaction intuitive for people to understand without explanation. The best way to achieve that in my opinion is to make a hybrid project, meaning add a new digital layer to something that...

Wifi LED Light

03 October 2017

For this week’s project, I wanted to make a wifi enabled RGB LED light as a part of larger project idea. Having a wifi enabled one will let me send a color to the LED through an API. Display Three colors First of all, I want to understand how RGB...

Jumping Cat Automata

03 October 2017

My goal was to make a simple servo powered automata. I prototype it with paper first. Making Process I started the making process by translating the paper design into a format for laser cutter. I am currently learning Vectorworks, so used it for it. Once I have the Vectorworks files,...

Creative Switch

12 September 2017

During our 2nd class, we learned about circuit and interesting ways to make a switch. For project, I want to repurpose an existing things that can be easily understood as a switch. I decided to make a zipper switch. It already being used as a way to open and close...

Physical Interaction

12 September 2017

How would you define physical interaction? What makes for good physical interaction? Are there works from others that you would say are good examples of digital technology that are not interactive? I would define physical interaction as interaction through physical movements and capacities between actors. Movements that human body is...